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Wed, Aug. 27th, 2008, 01:35 am
happydog: archaeology

The beautiful bones in the earth
once were -

shy girl laughing behind her hand,
strong boy who chased her,
great cat hunting with teeth
as long as your forearm,
bison or bear or boar or beast
disappeared long ago, dead before
they had names,
before there were even humans
to name them,
to sound their shapes out,
intoning them into being.

The hunters came through,
these upright long walkers
dressed in bear or boar or beast's
hide, taken with apologies
from the carcasses -
stripped, eaten, then buried
outside the camp

to ward off wolves and foxes
and hyena, and their spirits
prayed to rebirth, to return
their needs into the world -

the new man and his new gods
walking across the stones,
through the trees, over fields
of ice, in the long grass
with dogs at his heels,
spear in hand, chewing a leaf
to ward off hunger,

waiting for deer or bison,
wading in the river to net fish,
trapping hares or conies
to eat by the fire

in the woods, the deserts,
the mountains, the flat plain,
in the skin tent
with its long bone frame
stretched out over the land,

the long shadow of man and
his making once was and

beautiful bones,
dressed only in thought.