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Fri, Sep. 12th, 2008, 01:01 am

I don't watch much TV any more not even on line
everything I want these days is in words floating serene
in neat rows on pages the lost art the written thought

ideas strung together like beads and then when you finish
the story it all should be there, the custom jewelry
of beautiful words glowing in the brilliance of mind's light

the storm is waving its fist at us on its way to houston
I'll catch you next time it says whistling
around the corners of my house

& no I said nothing yesterday because no words I can say
would bring anybody back or make anything better but only sound
hollow so may the dead rest in peace for once

my sorrow is not for public consumption and not for use by
any fool in a suit & tie shrieking hopping up and down telling
me that God said I need to fellate him while dressed in a flag