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Sun, Apr. 13th, 2008, 02:51 am
happydog: odd-yssey

I live in a hidden fortress on the moon
in King Rabbit's palace
on a golden barge you wait
to be poled across
On the other side there is a magician
wearing a tall hat and
mumbling to himself
in a language that no living being
has used in 5000 years
If you give him the secret pass phrase
which is
"how many layers does an onion have?"
in lieu of an answer
he pulls a hidden lever

the landscape unfolds
into a door
then you go through the door
and on the other side
there is a golden ball
And if you put your hand on that,
a bell will chime

and you will be lifted up on a platform through
the roof and
into the sky

where you may converse in
perfect ease
with the Gods

or if you are very wise indeed
say nothing
and observe the paths
of the stars